South Mountain Flying Club

About our plane:

 -  1973 Cessna 172M Skyhawk

 -  105 -110 knots at 9.3 gallons fuel consumed per tach hour.

 -  Stored in a T-Hangar at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport (KPSF).

 -  Total time on the airframe is 8820 hours (Jan 1, 2023).

 -  Engine (Lycoming Model 0-320-E2d) has 1345 hours tach time since overhaul.

 -  Empty weight of approximately 1495 lbs. and a maximum takeoff weight of 2300 lbs.

Membership information:

 -  Monthly fee of $60.

 -  The hourly rate is set at $120.00 (Tach) based on a fuel price of $5.90/gal (Jan. 2023).

 -  The club aircraft is insured through Avemco Insurance.

 -  Each member must have at least a Private Pilot SEL license, a current medical, and meet FAA currency requirements.

 -  Prospective members are required to fill out an application and are then voted on by the club officers.

 -  New members join by purchasing the membership of an existing member.

 -  The financial arrangements are usually set up between the buyer and the seller.

 -  After approval by the club officers, new members must complete a flight review in the club aircraft with a CFI, certifying that training has been completed.

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